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Phil Green

Hey, I’m Phil Green the host and creator of SkullPhil Talks.
I have always had an interest in world events and also to discuss and debate with all sorts of people from all walks of life. Unfortunately; I do suffer from the lack of a filter and I am just a normal bloke who calls’s a spade a spade, so with regards to being PC or microaggressions… I’m sorry but you’re in the wrong place.

During most of my life, I have suffered from depression and anxiety, which has come to a head in the past 18 months resulting to me being given the title of ‘Actively Suicidal’ and I am not ashamed of that. It has also been suggested that I am on the autism scale, in particular, High Functioning Asperger’s.

Although I don’t thrive in some social situations; I embrace the side that drives an uncontrollable itch to learn and seek new knowledge… Hence why my crazy ass is here chatting with you.

So my mofo friends pull up a pew and join in the fun… oh… and welcome to the family!

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